Miscellaneous Rentals

Candlelight Centerpieces – includes mirror disks, votive candles, hurricane or lotus 

bowls for $25.00 per piece.

Linens – white damask and plain navy available for $23.00 per table.

Sound system for announcements, background music and presentations: no charge

Internet access: no charge

iPod cord, RCA $10.00

Microphone, cordless $50.00

Microphone stand with microphone and cord $50.00

Podium with microphone $50.00

Screens (77” and 88” diagonal) $15.00

Toshiba 55” LCD TV, Sharp 60” LED TV $150.00

Cables for TVs – HDMI and VGA Inquire with Sales

Polycom Conference Telephone $35.00

Office services, faxing, photocopying & printing $50.00/hour or part thereof

Flip charts, self-adhesive $50.00/each

White backless modern quarter round sofas (3) $150.00/each or $400/set

Riser (2) 8 x 4 x 2 $150.00/each

Easels     $5.00/each

Candelabra Centerpieces   $25.00/each

Linens   $23.00/each

● Prices quoted are per day unless otherwise noted.

● Use of equipment is limited to the persons authorized by the contracting party within the hours


Prices as of 07/24/2018